Your Eddy Current Inspection Experts

Eddy Current - adapted to your needs

Eddy current is a very efficient tool for many NDT inspection tasks. As long as the object to be tested is electrically-conductive, a surprisingly extensive range of inspections can be carried out.

Our in-house developed documentation-software for the interpretation and evaluation of eddy current signals includes a feature to convert files into different CAD-software formats. This makes our documentation results easily legible for our clients, making the acquisition and installation of special software unnecessary.

The focal point of our research and development is the enhancement and adaptation of our eddy current probes. Each probe is individually adapted to the specific inspection tasks of our clients. Our company structure and corporate philosophy are the key factors for our strong eddy current service capabilities. Let us discuss your eddy current inspection task. Our personal involvement, reliable technical consultation and flexible realization are our first step to guaranteeing your satisfaction.